nna sullenly. “Good God!” cried Fortinbras, holding up his hands, “and they let women run about loose!” CHAPTER VIII

CORINNA fortified by urgently summoned nourishment lit a ciga


rette and sarcastically announced her readiness to listen to the oracle. The oracle bowed with his customary benevolence and spoke for a considerable time in florid though unambiguous terms. To say that Corinna was surprised by the

Collect from ??????


proposal which he set before her would


  • which she had not given him time, was the scene of flaming indignation incident to Camille Fargot’s dismissal. And his psychology was correct. The
  • young man’s charming love-making had flattered her, had indeed awakened foolish hopes; but she had never cared a button for him. Now she loathed
  • him with a devastating hate. She thrummed with her fingers on the table. “What is there left for me to do?” “Ah, now,” said Fortinbr
  • as genially, “we’re talking sense. Now we come to our famous second professional consultation.” “Go ahead then,” said Corinna. “I mentioned the
  • word ‘professional,’?” Fortinbras remarked. Martin laughed and put a ten-franc piece into the soft open palm. “I’ll pay for both,”
  • said he. “It’s like having your fortune told at a fair,” said Corinna. “But hurry up!” she glanced at her watch. “As it is, I shan’t


  • have time to pay my bill. Will you see after it?” she drew from her bag one of the borrowed notes and threw it across to Martin. “Well, I am all att
  • ention. I can give you three minutes.” But just then a familiar sound of scrunching wheels came through the open doors of the vestibule and dining-roo
  • m. She started. “That’s the omnibus going.” “The omnibus gone,” said Fortinbras. “I’ll miss my train.” “You will,” said Fortinbras. “My luggage has gone with it.” “It has not,” said Fortinbras. “
  • I gave instructions that it should not be brought down.” Corinna gasped. “Of all the cool impertinence——!” She looked at her watch again. “And the
  • beastly thing has started long befor
  • e its time!” “At my request,” said Forti


inadequately express her indignant stupefaction. She sat angry, with reddened cheek-bones and tightly screwed lips, perfectly



your attitude of indi
gnation and listen to
the voice of reason.”
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